Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tea Tag Tutorial

Tea Tag for Valentines Day

Sheree McKee
January 2015

If you’ve successfully created a fabric postcard then 
making a “Tag” from my tutorial will be easy!

Ways you can use tags:
Embellishment on a gift
Identification for travel totes or luggage
Label a valuable item like your laptop computer, diaper bag etc.,
Tie it on a purse handle for a pop of whimsy!
As a hanging ornament or bookmark

In this tutorial, you will sew up a heart-shaped Tea Tag. 
The approximate finished size is just under 4”x6”.   
Begin by printing out the photo with a heart template below.

Template 4"x6"

Not only is the tag itself a useful accessory, but throw in a
few tea bags to make it a thoughtful and relaxing gift.

Gather together:
1-   Fusible Stiffener, approximate 4”x6” cut size
2-   Random fabric scraps to piece for front
3-   Fabric for back and pocket, 2 cuts 4”x6”
4-   Metal Grommet and tools… or you can substitute a buttonhole instead!
5-   Ribbons, cords, lace for tie
6-   Fusible web 4”x6”
7-   Optional pocket method:  Clear vinyl - cut larger than a business card
8-   Teflon foot or tear-away stabilizer used to sew over vinyl

Step One (front):
Piece and sew enough fabric strips and strings together,
to be larger than the template.
Press seams in one direction.
This is your heart front.  Fuse wrong sides to stiffener.
Arrange heart template diagonally across the front, pin and cut out.

Use up your scraps!

Now trimmed and fused to stiffener

Diagonal or Straight layout - your choice!

Step Two (back with pocket):
Cut 2” off the height of a single backing fabric. 
Double-fold down ½”, the top edge and topstitch two rows. 
This is your pocket top layer.
Lay pocket over the second fabric backing.  Align bottom and side edges.
Baste around four sides 1/8” from edges.

Two pieces needed to make pocket on back

Step Three:
With wrong sides together, align heart shaped front with pocket backing,
so pocket opening is about 1/3 from top.  Use fusible web between the  layers to bond together.  Cool then carefully trim heart shape a second time.  Double check to make sure pocket size can hold either a tea bag or a business card. 

Wrong sides together before fusing!

Step Four:
Finish outer edges with satin or decorative stitch of your choice.   Cut hole for grommet in upper corner, or stitch a 5/8” long buttonhole.  Tie on one or more ribbons!  Tuck a few colorful and tasteful tea bags in the pocket!

Grommet tools

Or cut a circle opening

Inserting grommet parts

Lace ties add a nice touch for Valentines Day

And here's a few luggage tags
made the same way!

Luggage tags with clear vinyl pocket

Luggage tag