Monday, March 11, 2019

Sew Fabric Postcards for St. Patricks Day 2019

St. Pats Fabric Postcard Swap

March 2019
Sheree McKee

Just sharing some of this years swap postcards:

Sheree to Lorna:
Although background is a hand-dyed mottled fabric, I think
it ended up pretty lackluster.  Therefore, each PC made after
this one, uses a different variation of backgrounds. I used a
scarf to make the dimensional shamrock flower to keep it airy.

Sheree to Meloney:
I found a green upholstery fabric that I really liked, but
only had a scrap big enough for one postcard. A metal
holiday pin-on button is pinned over center of shamrock.

Sheree to Gaby:
I like this brighter background.  The decorative scallop
stitching shows up really good along the edges.  Due to the thickness,
these postcards were mailed in envelopes with extra postage.
To make the dimensional shamrock, cut a 6" circle from a
light weight scarf or fabric.  Baste outer edge with medium
length stitches, and draw together at center and secure.
But not too tight, leave a small opening. Your 6" circle is now reduced in half.
Just like a giant fabric Yo-Yo.
Visually divide your yo-yo into thirds, and use a running stitch
toward outer edge and back again to center.
Draw up slightly to form three petals.
Because you have a raw center, cover it with a pin-on holiday
button or sew a large sized button over the raw center.

Lorna in North Carolina- to Sheree:
Lorna created a shaker card.  A thin layer of netting holds four sparkly
shamrocks beneath the surface.  Such a cute fabric motif... with these
little leprechauns!

Nancie in Texas - to Sheree:
This tiny pieced "quilt block" is so neat and precise.  Nancie is
an experienced quilter.  She sprinkled and stitched an overlay of five
tiny fabric shamrocks which look like a little Leprechaun walked
over top of the quilt.
Meloney in Texas - to Sheree
Crazy quilt style with a variety of fabrics.  Meloney was
practicing the decorative stitches that came on her new
sewing machine.  Below is the address side, where
Meloney has machine embroidered Postcard and a faux stamp!

Sheree to Nancie:
Pieced fabrics with an appliqué felt shamrock, and
three metal brads for some shine!

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