Saturday, January 4, 2020

Winter White Landscapes

January 4, 2020
Sheree McKee

Fabric postcards are sometimes easy to make in groups.  These Winter White Landscapes were created in triptych fashion.

My beginning base layers were cut approximately 15" wide and 7" tall.  I planned the pine tree layouts in groupings of three.  

Once my fabric layers were fused, I simply used a 3.0 machine stitch length, and a metallic thread (with large eye needle) to quilt through in wavy horizontal lines.  They were cut apart into 4"x6" sizes with a rotary cutter.  I had some hand-painted buttons with snowflake-like designs and used my button sewing machine-setting to attach them.

The edges were finished in a tiny blanket-stitch choice.  Usually I create a fabric backside.  But for this project, decided to glue a postcard weight cardstock to the reverse.  I used fabric glue in a thin line along the edges only.  Then I weighted them down to dry.

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