Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year 2015

Coming in 2015

December 2014
Sheree McKee

Listed below are a few subjects I plan to blog about in the new year, regarding fabric postcards (FPC).  I'm not quite sure about the order yet, but each topic will be full of helpful insight.
Photo box storage

Thanks for visiting my blog during its' first year of creation!  I still have a lot to learn about the art of blogging.  I do promise to improve and add more tutorials.  Regardless, I enjoy sharing with you... the art of creating fabric postcards!

Sheree McKee 

  • Why you should join a swap
  • Storing and Displaying FPC
  • Gelli plate printing on fabric  done
  • Postal Tips
  • Bobbin threadwork
  • Shake Shake Shaker cards
  • Scrap Happy  done
  • Envelopes to Envy
  • Sew Organized
  • FPC from my Friends  done
  • Tools to Tryout   done
  • Prepping to sew fabric postcards

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Stitched Christmas Postcards

December 2014
Sheree McKee

I found this wire tree at the Salvation Army last year.
What a wonderful way to display my
fiber postcard collection on the wall.
New for 2014 was a holiday pin 2"x3" swap

For a 2013 Snow Globe theme exchange

Stacked Patches make Christmas tree with corded edges

Machine embroidered bulbs inside fabric frame

Holly and Berries

Gingerbread boy 2014

Netting overlay on holiday flamingos 2011

Trinket trees

A closeup view of trinket trees.
(note: embellishments require hand stamping and extra postage rates!)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Fabric Postcard Tutorials and Lessons

Enjoy these Tutorials and Lessons online for 
creating Fabric Postcards

Sheree McKee

It's always fun to look at fabric postcard photos to get ideas for your next project. But how about some more in-depth lessons and tutorials?  

We can always learn from others with more experience.....

Annie's Musings


Fabric Selvedge Postcard Tutorial by Anya

Carolyn's Quilts Tutorial

Lavendar Quilts - paper pieced postcard

Calidore postcard tutorial

Infectious Stitches

Color my World - Valentines - pdf

The Crafty Gemini with video

Quilty with video

Sue W Sews

Quilted Delights - Leah

Divine Caroline

Feathered Nest Studio - felt envelope and postcard

The Sewing Loft - Mod Podge postcards from fabric

Twelve Crafts till Christmas - no sew

Jo in New Zealand

Stitch by Stitch


Red Shoe Ramblings

Kathy Briggs

Susan Dague Quilts

Lesley Langdon Creative - Stamped Postcard Video

Quilter in the Gap

Jans Little Bit Extra

No Sew Versions by 12 Crafts till Christmas

Printable Crafts Postcard

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Postcards in fabric

by Sheree McKee

I love to sew for fall because the colors are some of my favorite.  The oranges, coppers, golds, shades of green, and shades of burgundy always inspire me.

Today I’ll share some of my past fabric postcards made for Autumn swaps in recent years.

2014 Forest Friends

2014 Puffy Pumpkin

2013 Felted Turkey

2014 Web of Threads

2013 Patchwork Pumpkins

2013 Orangework

2013 Doors

2012 Boo

2012 Ribbon Turkey

2012 Starry Night

2012 Ferns and Leaves

2011 Cat on Denim

2011 Spider Eyes Pumpkin

May your autumn season be inspired!
ShereeSews in Michigan

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Puffy Pumpkin Postcard

October 2014
Sheree McKee

These fall-themed fabric postcards (FPC) feature fluffy little pumpkins surrounded 
by a ruffle of netting.  You can use any seasonal fabric motif that is 
approximately 2”x2” in size.

Supplies:  motif fabric, solid liner fabric, pinch of polyester batting, 3”x14” netting 
or tulle, monofilament thread, theme button or embellishment, 
interior stabilizer or stiffener

  1.   Prepare both sides of a 4”x6” postcard front that is 
fused to a stabilizer support.  
I have selected two prints, divided into 1/3 and 2/3 proportions for front.  
Also fuse your back liner in place at this time.

2.    Select any motif fabric where the designs are at least 2” in size and can be 
successfully trimmed around.  Also select a solid color coordinating lining that can be 
used to back the motif and on the address side of FPC.

3.    Place a square of lining on top of your motif and pin in place.  Right sides should be together.  Make sure lining is larger than the design.  Trim both layers.  
Flip over and stitch around the entire motif using 1.5 stitch length.  
Overlap your stitches at start and end.  Do not leave any opening. 

4.    Trim with pinking shears very close to perimeter.  
The pinking wedges allow a smooth edge when turning and 
prevent puckering if trimmed closely.

5.    Separate the two fabric layers slightly.  Carefully cut a 1 ½” slit into 
the lining layer only.  This will create a pocket area for turning and stuffing.  
Turn, smooth all curves, and press your motif.

6.    Stuff lightly with soft poly batting.  Do not overfill the stuffed motif.  
No need to stitch the slit closed, as it will be hidden. 

7.    Fold 3”x14” netting lengthwise in half.  Run a basting stitch along fold area.  
Gently gather and tie off in a circular shape ruffle. 

8.    Choose a placement for the ruffle and pin or gluestick into position.  

Keep away from edges of postcard.  The ruffle can completely circle your 
motif or partially surround it.  You decide!

9.  Cover ruffle with your puffy fluffy motif pillow!  Pin in place.

10. Thread machine and bobbin with monofilament thread.  
Select a utility stitch to sew around motif and occasionally zigzag or catch the pillow.  
Your stitches should be small and close.  See back above.

11. Finish FPC edges with your favorite decorative stitch.  
Embellish as desired with a spider button or decorative accent. 

Have a Happy Halloween!
ShereeSews in Michigan

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Marker Art

Playing around with Alcohol Marker Art

August 2014
Sheree McKee

What could be more fun than drawing, doodling and dotting, then smudging                      it all up for a watercolor effect?  
There are a lot of possibilities for creative expression, even if you aren't an artist!

Alcohol Marker Brands:

·      Avery Marks-A-Lot
·      Copic
·      Prismacolor
·      Sharpie
·      Spectrum Noir

Basic drawing - I am NOT an artist.

Basic drawing gets softened with application of alcohol

A finished postcard and alcohol smudge effect

Very simple swirl shapes with daubed paint

Radiated designs turn into flowers.  I went back and outlined shapes with marker edg

Radiated designs make flowers

Over metallic star printed fabric.

Simple star bursts

Outline dye radiations to make flowers
My first test with row effect

Star-like radiations on star fabric
I like these random drawn stars

Ideas to ponder:

 ~ Protect work area because these marker dyes will stain!
~ Use background fabrics in light colors other than white
~ Why not try some printed fabrics as a background
~ Draw complete pictures then saturate lightly with alcohol for a soft background blending all over
~ Radiated designs form by dripping alcohol in middle only, and it will wick outward in a circle
Rubbing alcohol comes in different strengths such as 70% and 91%
~ Keep shapes simple, as alcohol inks wick and blend it adds more interest
~ Don't forget to Press with iron to set ink
~ Stamp or layer metallic paints on top of designs with daubers or rubberstamps

Internet Inspiration Sites:

·      Skip to my Lou blog
·      Make it and Mend it blog
·      Intro to Alcohol Markers
·      Design Originals Book Creative Dying for Fabric Arts

Thanks for stopping by.  Please leave a comment below!  
ShereeSews in Michigan