Saturday, October 18, 2014

Puffy Pumpkin Postcard

October 2014
Sheree McKee

These fall-themed fabric postcards (FPC) feature fluffy little pumpkins surrounded 
by a ruffle of netting.  You can use any seasonal fabric motif that is 
approximately 2”x2” in size.

Supplies:  motif fabric, solid liner fabric, pinch of polyester batting, 3”x14” netting 
or tulle, monofilament thread, theme button or embellishment, 
interior stabilizer or stiffener

  1.   Prepare both sides of a 4”x6” postcard front that is 
fused to a stabilizer support.  
I have selected two prints, divided into 1/3 and 2/3 proportions for front.  
Also fuse your back liner in place at this time.

2.    Select any motif fabric where the designs are at least 2” in size and can be 
successfully trimmed around.  Also select a solid color coordinating lining that can be 
used to back the motif and on the address side of FPC.

3.    Place a square of lining on top of your motif and pin in place.  Right sides should be together.  Make sure lining is larger than the design.  Trim both layers.  
Flip over and stitch around the entire motif using 1.5 stitch length.  
Overlap your stitches at start and end.  Do not leave any opening. 

4.    Trim with pinking shears very close to perimeter.  
The pinking wedges allow a smooth edge when turning and 
prevent puckering if trimmed closely.

5.    Separate the two fabric layers slightly.  Carefully cut a 1 ½” slit into 
the lining layer only.  This will create a pocket area for turning and stuffing.  
Turn, smooth all curves, and press your motif.

6.    Stuff lightly with soft poly batting.  Do not overfill the stuffed motif.  
No need to stitch the slit closed, as it will be hidden. 

7.    Fold 3”x14” netting lengthwise in half.  Run a basting stitch along fold area.  
Gently gather and tie off in a circular shape ruffle. 

8.    Choose a placement for the ruffle and pin or gluestick into position.  

Keep away from edges of postcard.  The ruffle can completely circle your 
motif or partially surround it.  You decide!

9.  Cover ruffle with your puffy fluffy motif pillow!  Pin in place.

10. Thread machine and bobbin with monofilament thread.  
Select a utility stitch to sew around motif and occasionally zigzag or catch the pillow.  
Your stitches should be small and close.  See back above.

11. Finish FPC edges with your favorite decorative stitch.  
Embellish as desired with a spider button or decorative accent. 

Have a Happy Halloween!
ShereeSews in Michigan