Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rubber Stamps Perk Up Fabric Postcards

Sheree McKee
A variety of clever rubber stamps can be used to make the backside of your fabric postcards (FPC) special.

Stamped images can be used on fabric or cardstock.

You can also use stamped images as a faux cancellation mark, a faux stamp, or as a mailing template to line up your message and address lines.

If you use faux postage in the upper corner of your FPC back, along with a clear cellophane envelope, try to cover over it on outside - with a real postal stamp.   Sometimes, I stamp “fake” postage on a FPC when I am planning to mail it in an opaque envelope with official postage stamps on the exterior.

There are textile inks, specially made for stamping fabrics.  Some require setting the ink with a medium heat pressing.  But since your postcards are not wearable and washable, this heat-set might not be necessary.

Have fun perking-up your fabric postcards with rubber stamps!

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Hand over the MM's and no one gets hurt

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Joy Tutorial for fabric postcards

      Choose some pretty ribbons and fabric from your stash 
to make this Easter Joy fabric postcard.

Cut two fabrics and one fusible stabilizer into 4.5” x 6.5” size.  
You will trim these down later.

With main fabric and liner fabrics right-sides together, 
trace an egg shape ( 4" tall by 3" wide egg size ) 
on back then stitch all around egg shape with small stitches.  

Cut inside of shape out with pinking shears or snip inside curves carefully.  
Turn through hole and press neatly to make an egg shape window frame.

Lay framed shape on top of stabilizer with fusible side upward.  
Lightly trace the egg shape as a guide.

Fuse ribbons onto stabilizer making sure they are longer than window area. 
Use a non-stick sheet.  Add some decorative machine stitches to embellish ribbons.

Occasionally use window over ribbons to check for placement.  
Fuse all layers together.  
Trim to 4.25” by 6.0 “ size.  Embellish as desired.

Print bold text Easter Joy onto colored paper.  Trim paper and overlay a 
sheer organza ribbon on top.  Stitch along ribbon edges.

Apply backing fabric or card stock. 
Finish outer edges with your favorite decorative stitches or binding technique.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter ideas

April 2014
Sheree McKee

I’ve started sewing postcards for spring and it sure is fun to get out the cheerful colors and spring themed cottons!

#1   For my first Easter fabric postcard (FPC) I wanted to use this great egg print I’ve been stashing for a few years.  It’s quite busy, so I used it for a background.  

Easter Egg by ShereeSews

It is basically a form of reverse applique, with an egg shaped opening.   A contrast lining was stitched and turned to complete a window.  Underneath the window, I layered short cuts of ribbon onto the fusible side of Peltex.  Then I placed the window frame on top and fused everything together a second time.  I also used a decorative stitch around the egg. 

Easter cross by ShereeSewsTIPS: The matt finish of cotton looks really good with the glossy satin and metallic ribbons underneath.  Because of two different textures, you can really see the shimmer of a recessed egg beneath!  Or you could try a shimmery top fabric with dull ribbons like grosgrain, velvet, or cotton embroidered for a different texture contrast.

#2   My second FPC has two layers of stiffener.  A ribbon cross (on Peltex) is overlaid on a fused dupioni silk background.  I tried some machine lettering on a satin ribbon, but was not happy with the results.  The double layering makes the cross-dimensional and adds a nice stiff body to the postcard.

TIPS: Use stabilizer under the ribbon and stitch out words a lot longer than you think you can use.  That allows you to maneuver the ribbon so you can read the a bit of Easter Blessings on each side of cross.

Easter Chick by ShereeSews 

#3   Lastly, I was in a more playful mood, so this little cutie was born.   A simple egg shape was interpreted as a chicken.  I threw in some netting as a head comb, and a small feather for her wing.  The grass is bobbin work.  Run chickie, run!

All three of these will be swapped.  I’ll be sure to show you what I received in return!

ShereeSews in M!ch!gan


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Books on creating Fabric Postcards

April 2014
Sheree McKee

I'd like to share with you some books I've discovered on the art of sewing Fabric Postcards (FPC).  

This subject is a small, niche craft but worthy of investigating if you think these little works of art are interesting, like I do.

Some are older publications and might be out-of-print, and others are available in print, dvd or electronic download formats.

Just click on the photo to be taken to a website featuring each book.  I will direct you to a variety of sources where you can find these publications.

I'll remind you that I'm new to blogging as of a few months ago, but in a future post, I'll try to include reviews and updated additions.

*All photos are the property of the original publishers.


Author Bonnie Sabel ~
Positively Postcards:
Quilted Keepsakes to
Save or Sew
 Electronic version at Martingale
Electronic Version Download
Author Bonnie Sabel ~
Positively Postcards:
Quilted Keepsakes to
Save or Sew
Authors Website
Authors Website

Author Pauline Salzman ~
DVD Workshop -Fabric Postcard Pets:
Three Easy Ways to Make
Mini Pet Portraits

DVD Workshop by Quilting Arts

Author Susan S Terry ~
Card Art: Create Treasured
Greetings from Fabric & Paper
See a Google preview of book
Author Franki Kohler ~
Keepsakes You can Make & Mail
Fast Fun Easy Fabric Postcards
CT Publishing

Author Carol Morrissey ~
Texas Wildflower Postcards
Postcards from Florida
Postcards from the Southwest

Alice in Stitches eBay store

Author Billie Lauder ~
Going Postal easy Fabric Postcards
Found at (out of print)
Author Caroline Reardon ~
Postcard Quilts Vol 1
available at Sew It All

Author Caroline Reardon ~
Postcard Quilts Vol 2
Volume 2
Author Mary Mayne ~
Clever Banners, Panels
and Postcards
Bargain book at Amazon

Author Bobbie Matela ~
Quilt Designs for Postcards
Authors Cheryl Haynes,
Barbara Cooley, Beth Davis ~
Quilted Post Cards
Available at Barnes & Noble

Authors Cheryl Haynes,
Barbara Cooley, Beth Davis ~
Make and Mail Postcards
Amazon limited quantities

Author Kendra L Maclean ~
Fast Fabric Gift Cards
Leisure Arts

Edited by Christa Rolf ~
Stitched Postcards
buy at Walmart

Author Judi Warren ~
Fabric Postcards
AQS publication at Barnes & Noble

Author Gladys Love ~
Embellishing with Anything:
fiber art techniques for quilts,
ATC's, postcards, wallhangings
& more