Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tutorial: Sew a Lucky 4 Leaf Clover

March 2014
Sheree McKee

This Lucky 4-leaf clover is 3" tall and can be used to embellish a fabric postcard.  But if you use one, plan on paying a little extra for specialty postage.   It can also be worn as a brooch, or used as a magnet.

I'm a new blogger, learning the ropes.  This is my first tutorial.  I hope to improve each day!

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Use 3/4"  buttons to cover gathers at center

Finished size - 3" tall and 1/2" thick
Construction time - 20 minutes

    • Cut Four  - 3" squares of green cotton print fabric for leaves
    • Cut One   - 6" length of rattail cording or flat braid for stem
    • One   - button at least 3/4" diameter to cover middle gathers
    • Small bit of polyester fiberfill stuffing

    Supplies for Lucky 4-leaf Clover

    Four small poufs of fiberfil and a 3/4" button
    Rattail cording or Flat Braid


    • Yo-Yo pre-made ( 1 1/4" fabric yo-yo for backing or additional large button)
    • Pin back or magnet if desired


      • Sewing needle large-eyed, thread, beeswax


      1.  Seal raw ends of cording or braid by melting or glue dip.  Set aside to dry.

      2.  Prepare your threaded needle.  Cut a six foot length of thread.  Fold in half to make three foot.  Feed the fold into eye of needle then balance thread tails.  You now have four threads approximately 18" long.  

      3.  Strengthen thread by running through beeswax or soap several times.  This strength will prevent breakage when gathering all the leaves.

      4.  Fold a petal square on the diagonal.  Put a small ball of poly fiberfill into center fold.

        Finished side view of thickness with fiber fill

        5.  Run a 1/4" basting stitch along the two raw edges of triangle, pivoting at 90 degree corner.  Leave a 4" tail at start.  You will enclose the fiberfill inside this triangular leaf.

        6.  Gently gather the first leaf, shaping it into a slight cup shape.  Do not tie-off or cut threads!

        7.  Continue adding three more leaves onto your running thread by gathering each one and sliding them together.

        8.  Following the 4th leaf, run a stitch through both cord ends of stem, approximately 1/4" from the sealed raw edge.

        9.  Gather all leaves and stem together.  Close the circle using a double square knot to prevent slippage.  Gently re-shape the clover.

        10.  For a neat back, whip-stitch a pre-made yo-yo over center donut hole on back and
        sew a large button over the gathered circle on front side.

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