Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cute Camper Sewn Postcards

September 2015
Sheree McKee

Camping is all the rage again!  Families are returning to the joys of nature and road trips with their camper.  

What could be cuter than sending your outdoor-loving friends a cute-as-can-be Camping postcard? 

You could layer appliqué pieces and create a unique camper from scratch, like several seen here.  Or choose an adorable camping themed all-over fabric to create a special postcard, as linked below.

I'm sharing a few recently traded postcards that make me smile!  My swapping friends sure are creative!

Nancie Voegele  cut out circles for her windows and added a front canopy

Toni Webster thread stitched her sun and flower stems and used buttons for the brown coconuts

Christine Stevens hung a real flag banner across her camper.  It blows in the wind!  She also also created many french knot flowers and put the tiniest heart button as a door knob

Beverly Greeson used an all-over printed fabric then pieced in the corners

Sheree McKee - My versions are a little abstract, with dimensional bonfires made from
sparkle illusion netting and other embellishments

For more charming camper fabrics see the links below