Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer Postcards in Fabric

July 2015
Sheree McKee

This spring and summer has been a hectic one in my life.  

First, the joyful, yet whirlwind wedding of my lovely daughter!  A new business adventure that my husband and his business partner have recently jumped into.  And thirdly, my departure - after nearly eleven years as a decor specialist with the Home Depot.

I think you could summarize all of those events as somewhat stressful. I've barely made it into my sewing studio.  However, I did manage to sew up a few summer postcards, tags, and prayer flags.

Left over satin and silk flowers from a wedding shower

This was swapped as a monthly lottery theme

Blue moon with contrast edge stitching

Melted tyvek and ribbon background

Leaf shaped fabric tags

5"x8" prayer flag

Little Miss Sunshine for Michelle C from Sheree M

Designed by Michelle Caldwell NZ for Sheree M