Friday, April 11, 2014

Easter ideas

April 2014
Sheree McKee

I’ve started sewing postcards for spring and it sure is fun to get out the cheerful colors and spring themed cottons!

#1   For my first Easter fabric postcard (FPC) I wanted to use this great egg print I’ve been stashing for a few years.  It’s quite busy, so I used it for a background.  

Easter Egg by ShereeSews

It is basically a form of reverse applique, with an egg shaped opening.   A contrast lining was stitched and turned to complete a window.  Underneath the window, I layered short cuts of ribbon onto the fusible side of Peltex.  Then I placed the window frame on top and fused everything together a second time.  I also used a decorative stitch around the egg. 

Easter cross by ShereeSewsTIPS: The matt finish of cotton looks really good with the glossy satin and metallic ribbons underneath.  Because of two different textures, you can really see the shimmer of a recessed egg beneath!  Or you could try a shimmery top fabric with dull ribbons like grosgrain, velvet, or cotton embroidered for a different texture contrast.

#2   My second FPC has two layers of stiffener.  A ribbon cross (on Peltex) is overlaid on a fused dupioni silk background.  I tried some machine lettering on a satin ribbon, but was not happy with the results.  The double layering makes the cross-dimensional and adds a nice stiff body to the postcard.

TIPS: Use stabilizer under the ribbon and stitch out words a lot longer than you think you can use.  That allows you to maneuver the ribbon so you can read the a bit of Easter Blessings on each side of cross.

Easter Chick by ShereeSews 

#3   Lastly, I was in a more playful mood, so this little cutie was born.   A simple egg shape was interpreted as a chicken.  I threw in some netting as a head comb, and a small feather for her wing.  The grass is bobbin work.  Run chickie, run!

All three of these will be swapped.  I’ll be sure to show you what I received in return!

ShereeSews in M!ch!gan