Monday, March 17, 2014

Get Ready to Swap Fabric Postcards

Spring Landscape

Easter Tulip
March 2014
Sheree McKee

So you're thinking of swapping some of your fabric postcards? 

How do you get started?

Here ten basic guidelines 
for becoming a responsible and valued 
swapping partner.

ShereeSews in Michigan

  1. Find a swap group and register properly.  I've listed a few below.
  2. Learn the ropes and rules ~ by reading and understanding the group guidelines and requirements in advance. Some swaps might be one-on-one, others may require swapping with 3-5 partners.
  3. Be responsible ~  that means check-in often and communicate with the whole group and your swap partners!  This is important and helps develop online friendships.
  4. Keep records ~  put deadlines for mailing on your calendar, computer desktop, cell phone reminder list.  I also print out a hard copy of my swaps and keep it visible in my sewing room.
  5. Keep with the current theme ~ creative interpretation is golden, but make sure it fits the theme
  6. Keep the proper postcard size ~  your group will determine it, most often 4"x6"
  7. Sign the back.  A few kind words always make a swap more enjoyable.  Double check the accuracy of address you are mailing to.
  8. Do your best work ~  I always make a few extra fabric postcards (FPC) so I can mail out my best work.  Extras can then be sent to relatives and girlfriends.
  9. Know your postal costs ~  you might be swapping domestically in the USA, or internationally.  Rates differ so visit the  Flatter is cheaper, thicker will have specialty shipping costs added. 
  10. Have fun, this simple hobby can become addicting!