Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Confetti Techniques in Fiber Postcards

Confetti Cluck-Clucks for Thanksgiving
Sheree McKee
November 2018

Confetti techniques are often used in landscape quilts and wallhangings.  A Confetti art piece can be simple as an object, or as abstract as a landscape scenery.  This method lets you use up fabric scraps of the tiniest sizes.

Some Confetti methods use fabrics with fusible web already on the backs.  And some use nylon or polyester netting / illusion as a method to hold all the Confetti pieces in place.  There is also a fusible powder that can be sprinkled underneath your confetti, prior to fusing it.

As my swap partners send their Confetti projects, I will add them to the bottom for you to enjoy!

Here's how I made my Confetti Cluck Clucks:

I used scraps fabrics from previous postcards.  I save all the odd shaped pieces in a large Zip-Lock bag.  No sense wasting these little treasures of fabric!

I carefully rotary sliced small wedge shapes that were approximately 1.5" tall.  No need to make them identical... just random widths.

Preparation steps ahead of time - I fused Peltex stabilizer to some fabric polka-dot background approximately 7"tall by 22" wide.  It's hard to see the three chalk-marked  6"x4" postcard outlines on this piece, but they were my guidelines.

Fan out the Confetti "feathers" into the shape of a turkey tail and fuse them into position.

A little free motion stitching or decorative stitches will hold down the sharp feather tips.  You could layer a piece of  netting over your feathers then quilt them in place.

I used a burlap style ribbon to cut some turkey bodies.  But I fused some WonderUnder to the backside before cutting.

Next I glued on some Wiggle Eyes.  Hand stitched some yellow beaks.

Flip over then fuse a backing fabric and trim to 6" x 4"

Finish with your favorite method of binding or decorative stitching to seal your outer perimeter edges of the fabric postcard.

Jeanette S. from Idaho

Jeanette S. used scraps of silk fabric.  She said they had a lot of static and fraying during the process.  Regardless, this is a lovely fall scene!

Confetti Sewing and Quilting Reference:

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