Sunday, March 18, 2018

Green is Great

March 2018

Sheree McKee

I am pretty fond of decorating for St. Patricks Day.  A recent swap with my Yahoo Group - called PostCardMailArt - recently had the theme of "Green is Great".

The fabric postcards I made, were pretty basic... only because I procrastinated until the last minute to make them.

I decided to play around with the embellishment.  You can witness the many attempts to make a Shamrock from ribbon.

The shiny embellishment you see is a plastic bead - from a Dollar Store bracelet, which I cut apart.  I simply glued them into place once the postcard was completed.

I'll share what I receive, at the end. ~ Sheree

Sheree McKee 2018

Sheree McKee 2018

Edged in silver cording

Edged in cording