Friday, December 22, 2017

Winter Mittens in 12 Steps
December 2017
Sheree McKee

Winter mittens are a pretty easy postcard project.  There's a lot of opportunity for customization to make them unique.  These mittens are made using an easy facing-technique rather than a single layer. They were also mailed in traditional envelopes.  Email a photo of your mitten version and I will post it here, along with your name and state!

  1. Draw a mitten shape on paper to fit within a 4"x6" postcard size then Trace it on a muslin or lining fabric
  2. Select a mitten fabric, I chose a metallic chevron cotton from a remnant
  3. Right sides together, pin the two fabrics then sew using a scant 1/8th inch seam but leave the bottom wrist area open for turning.  Also use a close stitch length.
  4. Trim the shape closely, using pinking shears and snip into deep thumb area
  5. Press mitten shape lightly
  6. Prepare a postcard front base.  I fused a holiday candy fabric onto a long piece of fusible stabilizer
  7. Trim postcard to 4 1/4" by 6" size
  8. Pin mitten to postcard base.  I skewed my mitten layout in different directions for interest
  9. Use a favorite machine stitch to appliqué the mitten in place.  Experiment ahead of time because some overcast stitches do not work well on sharp curves.  You can leave the wrist open if you want to add a small amount of stuffing to make your mitten puffy!
  10. Then I added and fused my backing fabric to each postcard, knowing the cuff would have dimension and be difficult to fuse once it was applied.  I perimeter stitched the edges.
  11. Finally a remnant of real fur was cut into a simple cuff shape, but you could use synthetic sherpa, feather boa, or wool batting.  This was centered and glued over the open wrist area of mitten.
  12. Embellish as desired.  I glued a metal tag and ribbon loop.  If you notice, I tried a different spot for each one.  I get very bored making everything the same.


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