Thursday, April 5, 2018

Blue Moon Fabric Postcards

April 2018

Sheree McKee

KISS was my main objective - Keep It Simple Sheree - only because it was March Madness season and the University of Michigan was in the NCAA basketball playoffs.  

My husband travels all the time for work.  He was finally home and enjoying the playoffs from the comfort of his leather recliner.  Since our lower level family room is next to my sewing studio, I decided to join him during three of the most important games.  (In the past, I've escaped to my creative haven, and just yell out.... "What's the Score"?

Ahead of time, I fused the crescent moons to backgrounds and Peltex stabilizer.  This Blue Moon Swap was primarily handwork.  Each fabric postcard took approximately 2-3 hours of stitching.

I brought out my collection of "Bobbles, Beads, Trinkets, Charms, Buttons" to a TV tray.  I also pulled out my magnifier head-gear.  It was a real challenge... threading a delicate beading needle... in a dimly lit room.  Our dog, bumped into my setup several times, and I had tiny beads flying all over! 

Hand sewing from a comfy chair is not that easy when you are waxing threads,  picking up little beads with a needle tip, and getting your thread caught on dimensional charms and objects.

In reality, I had to work on these FPC on several additional days - during decent daylight, while sitting at a well lit table. 

I also played with a new way to label - Using small rubber stamps and 3/8" satin ribbon I was able to create a stamped and folded title label.  

I think I've decided to rename my postcards Blue Moons Be-Jeweled.

I have this headband magnifier with 4 changeable lens,
unfortunately it is not marked with the manufacturer identity

Review: 5 Best Headband Magnifiers

by Most Craft

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From Tammy A. in Pennsylvania -
Her very first postcard swap with our PostCardMailArt Yahoo Group
And she did a great job! A charming landscape!

From Dr. Amy S. in Virginia -
She titled this Moonlight Dancing Diva, and it has a lot
of sparkle in reality, that doesn't show up in the photo.
And there are some unique lacey wings!

From Jeanette S. in Idaho -
A beautiful abstract using dyed fabrics