Sunday, December 6, 2015

Keep it Simple

December 2015
Sheree McKee

Some times you need to make a quick fabric postcard.  Time is of the essence.

Less can be effective and it can save time.  Keeping your postcard project short and sweet can lead to some nice results.

There is a marketing slogan called the KISS principle:  Keep it Simple and Straightforward.

This is a simple Christmas postcard.  By using a ribbon with text verse it adds to the holiday impact.

I used a sparkle background fabric;  a holly-themed cotton with hints of silver metallic specks.  It was fused to stabilizer.  I layered a “HO HO HO” ribbon near the bottom with decorative stitching.  I tucked in a little gather of tulle netting and a feather before sewing the top row.

Lastly, I pulled a small silk flower off a spare stem of white flowers in my craft closet, and topped it with a coordinated button!

The edges were finished with a metallic thread stitch.  Then I used Aleene’s Tacky glue along the edges only, to glue it to some postcard stock.
But first, I stamped the card stock with a rubberstamp.

It took me about two-and-a-half hours to make and finish four postcards!

A little sparkle, a little sentiment, and a little frou-frou!

Now it’s time to hang some Christmas decorations, bake some cookies, shop for gifts…. clean the house…. pack for a trip….  Whew!