Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Joy Tutorial for fabric postcards

      Choose some pretty ribbons and fabric from your stash 
to make this Easter Joy fabric postcard.

Cut two fabrics and one fusible stabilizer into 4.5” x 6.5” size.  
You will trim these down later.

With main fabric and liner fabrics right-sides together, 
trace an egg shape ( 4" tall by 3" wide egg size ) 
on back then stitch all around egg shape with small stitches.  

Cut inside of shape out with pinking shears or snip inside curves carefully.  
Turn through hole and press neatly to make an egg shape window frame.

Lay framed shape on top of stabilizer with fusible side upward.  
Lightly trace the egg shape as a guide.

Fuse ribbons onto stabilizer making sure they are longer than window area. 
Use a non-stick sheet.  Add some decorative machine stitches to embellish ribbons.

Occasionally use window over ribbons to check for placement.  
Fuse all layers together.  
Trim to 4.25” by 6.0 “ size.  Embellish as desired.

Print bold text Easter Joy onto colored paper.  Trim paper and overlay a 
sheer organza ribbon on top.  Stitch along ribbon edges.

Apply backing fabric or card stock. 
Finish outer edges with your favorite decorative stitches or binding technique.

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