Sunday, March 9, 2014

On the EDGE (of a fabric postcard)

March 2014
Sheree McKee

Edges! "Just how am I going to finish the edge of my fabric postcards?"  I used to be obsessed with that question.

Many creative people are content with sewing a satin edge stitch.  But that seemed too simple to me. I always want something different.  And to be honest, I dislike sewing a satin stitch.  To me, the mundane stitch is boring, sews way too slow for me, it seems like an eternity.... watching the machine needle swing left, right, left....

In the end, I am never pleased with the results.  So I decided to experiment.  I still am experimenting to this day.  I rarely make two postcards in a row, identical.  They might have similar top layers, but often the perimeter will be different on all of them.  That's because when I sew one, I get an idea for another way to to tweak the next edge experiment.

I even change my postcard backs.  Sometimes I use fabric, often I use card stock.  This also adds some spice to my creations.

Here are a few ways I've completed fabric postcard edges.  I will continue to update and add to these photos.  Please come back again.

ShereeSews in Michigan

baby rick rack

knotted cords

fused green binding, couched red cording
binding wrap

bobbin work decor stitch
textured yarn edge

decor stitch

overcasted metallic cording

scallop cardstock back

overcast medium cording

ribbon work & pearls overlay

medium rick rack on top

large rick rack behind

all layers scallop cut

scallop top, over card stock back
overcast cording
couched nubby yarns

sequin strand overlay - hand sewn with whip stitch